If I have it my way

If I have it my way, I would be up all night. Not toiling in labour that I can hardly believe in or stand for, but to relish in the serenity that only night can offer. The wife would have been satisfied, and the children would have been asleep. Climbing out of the covers and up the stairs to my little sanctuary on earth, there you will find me. I might be up writing a tale, or it might be a book that you can find me asleep under when day breaks. Somewhere in between might have been a movie night, me sitting on the couch watching old classics, a bowl of chips in one hand, a glass of Merlot or Shiraz in another. On some nights, the wife might come upstairs to join me. There would be nights also when I would hear soft pattering feet up the steps, and one of my children will dive into my arms and fall asleep as I continue my almost solitude adventures. In the morning would be when you might be lucky enough to find me at the breakfast table with the family. On other mornings, I would be stumbling down the steps with the sun already bright in the sky, while I apologise to my wife in me missing breakfast with them. There would be mornings when either one of the family would come upstairs to wake me up. If I could dream up my productive day, it would be at the office or in the library. Wait. When in the office, I don’t mean being busy over somebody else’s business, but mine. In the library, not just because I can choose to work there in quiet, but so I can ditch my laptop aside and read whatever I want to read. Is there such a life? If the answer is a definite yes, then I think everyone in the world would be living such lives. But I cannot also say no, because there are people who are living like this. Some have such lives fallen onto their laps, others have to fight for it. If I belong to the former group, it would likely have already happened. Since it did not, it would be more plausible to believe the latter. It may sound like an irony that I therefore have to work hard to enter this promised land, but yes, it will therefore be a fight worth fighting for. There are giants in the promised land, and that is why we have to bear our arms and faith, and fight for a worthy prize.

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