The Passage of Time

The faces of old, wrinkles and all that beset toothless grin While I have seen them as a child, these faces are now only in faded photographs, or in distant memories.

The faces of those who had remembered the ancients, They too now have taken their place of wrinkles and toothless grin.

The faces of children that I have seen when I myself was one of them, It is no surprise if they all look of the same age as mine now. Once upon a time, they were the same faces of my parents when I saw them as a child – tired and hopeful at the same time.

I look at the faces of children now, eyes often widened in wonder With amazing dreams of what their lives can be They will someday come to where I am.

As much as I can wish for, many will also fade into realism And like me, if our lives do not abruptly end They too will be the only ones who remember the faces of the ancients. And in due time take their place But that would be long after I too have lost my teeth, And have wrinkles accompany my grin And after I have left this place for good Whether having said goodbye, or not.

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