Someone reminded me today that at some point, I have to get something done

It is not that I have not been doing nothing. I have a job which I work very hard at. I have a reputation in the region as a good person to work with. However, I have to confess apart from being a great colleague, customer or business partner, I haven’t quite made any major impact to the industry, market, or even to myself. Yet I am one of those guys who challenges everyone to break the status quo. I don’t go Anthony Robbins, but I certainly am not associated as the guy who will not settle. However, interestingly, I have barely achieved anything noteworthy. I don’t care if you might call me a narcissist (worse, a narcissist that doesn’t have anything that others may be envious about), but I know what is important to me, and I know what I end up contradicting myself whenever I insist that someone should break from the norm into greatness. I get older each passing day. I know I don’t have forever. I do not have to wait till I am old to have regretted missing on things which I could have otherwise strive towards and achieve when I was younger. I know that unless I really get my act together – and get something done – I will not. I used to believe that if I work hard enough, I will get there. But I also learned that if I didn’t verify my goals, I will end up in places which I was not expecting to be in.

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