Applying the least privilege permissions model… in life

This sounds almost technical, because maybe it is. I use this term at work because the technology that my company deals with reduces the risk of data breaches by removing unnecessary user permissions’ accesses to data. Hence, in the event if anyone in an organisation accidentally hits a, say, ransomware, the spread of the ransomware’s encryption activities is limited to only the little accesses that his or her user account has access to. It is the same to my WordPress themes and plugins. Each of them are potential hacking risks, and so if I know I have no reason to be using these themes and plugins, I’d might as well remove them. And actually, this post is also about quite about stuff in life. You do not horde what you need because these too can become risks, if not, they become distractions. I got rid of the family car and it was one of the best changes in my life. The financial savings allow us to do more fun things. When on the road, we were less affected by bad drivers and traffic. I get more done when I am not driving. I got rid of toxic relationships too, and I became much happier. I got rid of other clutter that may seem trivial and simply space wasters. However, they were more than physical space wasters, but also took up a part of my mind. I feel freer after I got rid of things I do not need. Some people may have thought that I needed to apologise. Sometimes I did. Sometimes I didn’t. And this post does not need more words too, because it has said enough. Neither do I think that I need to apologise for this.

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