Installing old Adobe CS3 while overcoming insert disk problem

I did something really stupid today. Spent two hours trying to make a light bulb and ended up finding a thousand ways how a light bulb won’t work. I hope to save you the trouble of hours by learning from my mistake. I did not want to use the new Adobe CS Cloud, so I decided to opt for the no-longer supported CS3, which I own the original license. I had to uninstall my laptop’s copy of Adobe CS3 Web Premium, got the new license key from Adobe, and downloaded from Adobe the installer files all over again. I fired everything up, chose what I wanted to install… and then I got this screen… I’m not going to detail all the forum and articles that speak about this, which I eventually did NOT find anything that worked. After two hours, it suddenly dawned on me to simply convert the installation files to an ISO image, mount it on a virtual drive, and install. It works well now.   UPDATE: DARN!! There is actually a way simplier way to solve the reactivation error! Why did I not come across this post before –¬† Basically, here is the gem:
Removing the cache.db file from the following folder seems to have gotten rid of the Activation countdown for me. (didn’t even uninstall the new non-activation installation of CS3) Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/Adobe PCD/cache/ After removal, i started Photoshop and it requested a serial number. I entered the new serial number generated from my original CS3 serial number from the Adobe site. Obtain a new serial number | CS3, CS4 Next popped up the Registration screen, I selected Never Register. Closed and rebooted. Opened up my installed CS3 apps and they worked just fine with no activation screen popping up. Checked the folder location above, a new cache.db had been created. I do not have any other Adobe applications on my computer besides the CS3 applications, so can not speak to the impact on other Adobe applications. So far so good!
And to note, this entry was only posted on 4 August 2017 (over a month from this blog entry). Sorry if you have no idea what I am saying. This is really just a rant and some reference to folks who are in the same situation as I am and would know immediately what this is about.

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