I smell rain

The morning was blazing hot. I staggered out of the air-conditioned bedroom, and was greeted by warmth that was beyond welcome. It was the beginning of the weekend. The night before I had a dream of work. There were very clear and detailed conversations with my boss, and our business partners. It was an exhausting sleep. I really was not in the mood to eat. I sat with the family and we had our usual conversations. I watched them put food into their mouths while all I managed was a cup of coffee. I shared the contents of the dream with them and pathetically shook my head about how I have descended myself into this working life again, which I thought I had actually gotten out of.¬†How silly it is, to do the same things as I used to do, and yet expecting a different result. There was no resolution made at the breakfast table, but I knew I had to divorce myself from such thinking. I hear of people who can do that. I don’t always manage to do so, but this morning, it seemed that I might have. The more the undesired occurrences appear, the more I seem to get immune to them. It is no rocket science to figure out that building such numbness is ultimately not a good thing. Nonchalance can take the place of passion for everything, and I think this is why we often see 3 piece suit zombies walking around the commercial districts of major cities. No, I do not want to be like them. The sun slowly faded as clouds filled the sky. As I type this, I smell rain. Sunshine is great and essential to us, but not too much of it. While rain is often moody looking, it comes with a sort of natural cool that you otherwise would not find. The artificial cool of the air-condition is merely a weak alternative. The clouds get darker from the distance. It now comes towards me from the same direction of the smell of rain.

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