An unwilling subject for discussion

“Everybody is a genius…” — NOT quoted by Albert Einstein

Recently, I almost fell into seeking validation from others again. What a dangerous thing to do.

Do realize that we are all wired up very differently from most other people. What works for you, does not work for others, and the reverse is also most certainly true.

If it really is not our business to impose our world views on others, the reverse of it is also true.

While it is often tempting to fire up an analysis on someone, do reconsider whether this is welcomed by the said subject in the first place. And if you eventually decide to do it behind his or her back because said subject does not want to discuss further with you, that’s pretty much akin to gossiping.

You see, while you aren’t welcome to set up a study on the said subject, there is a great chance that you were deliberately not given the full details and background. Your conclusions would therefore likely be erroneous. Don’t waste your time.

At some point, we got to live and let live. If this is expected of you onto others, this is also expected of others onto you.

My initial emotion penning this was more negative. The incident bugged me for a good while. I told myself that I really didn’t have to be so bothered but the truth is, it really did bother me. I’m really thankful that this post eventually comes out a lot more pleasant than I had originally conceived it.

And yea, Albert Einstein never said that “Everyone is a genius…” quote. Here are six quotes that have been wrongly attributed to Mr Einsten:¬†

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