Misconceptions about the tech industry and being an entrepreneur

I read this comic from Toggl with affection. A little bit naive and incompletely explained though, but still a good attempt to debunk some misconceptions. We mainly don’t strike gold with our applications right away or if not, ever. But like every product, we build it because we believe that it is of good value. […]

I am tempted daily to rant about foreign politics

Download a hi-res version at http://blog.worldofemotions.com/danilka/flags/all-flags-of-the-world/   I am tempted daily to post or publicly comment about foreign politics, but I consider it a personal responsibility to hold my tongue (or fingers in the case of social media) because 1) I am barely well versed enough in the country’s/countries’ politics, 2) I am not trained […]

Return to Dark City

Recently rewatched Dark City (1998) which starred Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Richard O’Brien and the late Ian Richardson. I didn’t appreciate it when I saw it in the cinema back then in 1998. I think I was expecting another sci-fi flick of The Matrix, and was greeted instead with a noir-like sci-fi wannabe. I […]