Let’s forget about customer service today

I headed to the neighborhood coffee shop to buy lunch. After a quick decision of the choice of food, I approached the stall vendor that sells fish bee hoon (rice vermicelli). It was the umpteenth time that I had ordered from her, and be greeted with a smile and enthusiasm. I gave her the usual […]

An unwilling subject for discussion

Recently, I almost fell into seeking validation from others again. What a dangerous thing to do. Do realize that we are all wired up very differently from most other people. What works for you, does not work for others, and the reverse is also most certainly true. If it really is not our business to […]

Into the sunset

And so I said goodbye to some people. It was a surprise to most of them, but I did not want to stay anymore. We gave our well wishes, and behold I was gone. The usual semblance that I was used to began to fall apart in the hours after I departed. A bridge may […]

Those chains that bind

Oh those chains that bind That I cannot break But I can slowly unloose them When no one is watching

I smell rain

The morning was blazing hot. I staggered out of the air-conditioned bedroom, and was greeted by warmth that was beyond welcome. It was the beginning of the weekend. The night before I had a dream of work. There were very clear and detailed conversations with my boss, and our business partners. It was an exhausting […]

This is the part when everything falls apart

Much of what I have learned and believed in, in recent days have fallen into pieces. I am a little glad that this happens now, than later, but much of me feels destroyed. I suppose this is what others who have come this way, called it the mid-life crisis. I had a quarter-life crisis once, […]

Installing old Adobe CS3 while overcoming insert disk problem

I did something really stupid today. Spent two hours trying to make a light bulb and ended up finding a thousand ways how a light bulb won’t work. I hope to save you the trouble of hours by learning from my mistake. I did not want to use the new Adobe CS Cloud, so I […]

Applying the least privilege permissions model… in life

This sounds almost technical, because maybe it is. I use this term at work because the technology that my company deals with reduces the risk of data breaches by removing unnecessary user permissions’ accesses to data. Hence, in the event if anyone in an organisation accidentally hits a, say, ransomware, the spread of the ransomware’s […]

Not in the mode today

I am really not in the mode this morning. Not only am I not in the mood, I am not in the mode. Are mood and mode two different things? You bet. They spell differently so there is a good chance they mean different things too. Mood is defined as “a temporary state of mind […]

Country roads and ocean-side drives

I took the family out for a vacation down under in Australia. It was the furthest vacation spot that I have ever taken my family to. Most important to me was that we would have a great time together, and we did. The thing about vacations to the working adults though, often is a flurry […]