This fan fiction is written for a competition entry on The Classic Gamers Guild. Competition Link (please note that The Classic Gamers Guild Facebook group is a closed group):   John had no idea what had happened. His hands had just pressed on the open button on the laboratory door when all electricity seemed to […]

The Hut

Spider threads caught at her face, a sign that no-one had been there yet. This was no place to be at all – in the middle of a cold and dark forest – but it seemed to be the only refuge that Rylie could find, at least until the sun rose again. She spent the […]

Passing train

“But on a serious note, my friend. What have you done so far in taking yourself closer to that life you have always been dreaming about?” I watch the train’s last carriage roll by. I am able to see the faces of the commuters, eyes on their mobile devices, some talking with one another. Indeed […]

The edge of the world

It was difficult to find the entrance. He knew that the path existed and was hidden in plain sight. Many had walked past it every day and every hour. In fact, when he found the entrance to the path, the place was crowded. People were everywhere walking about and not realising that right where they […]

The one man army

“I’ll do it!” said the soldier as he grabbed his rifle, donned his battle gear, and headed to the Land Rover. No one wanted to do the battle. The soldier was left all alone to decide if he would join his platoon, or to defect in order to fight the dragon behind the mountains. He […]