A social (media) responsibility

There is no silver bullet but there has to be some form of accountability. If we demand that from our authorities because they have powers that can impact a wide group of people, it is my opinion that this should also be expected (or demanded) of social media platforms too for the powers that they actually do yield.

Misconceptions about the tech industry and being an entrepreneur

I read this comic from Toggl with affection. A little bit naive and incompletely explained though, but still a good attempt to debunk some misconceptions. We mainly don’t strike gold with our applications right away or if not, ever. But like every product, we build it because we believe that it is of good value. […]

Akinator and Artificial Intelligence

My eldest daughter refused to get out of bed. She took an afternoon nap and when it was dinner time, she made a lot of grumbling noises when I asked her to come out. My usual tactic is to sit on her legs so she could not escape me while I tickled her feet. This […]

Installing old Adobe CS3 while overcoming insert disk problem

I did something really stupid today. Spent two hours trying to make a light bulb and ended up finding a thousand ways how a light bulb won’t work. I hope to save you the trouble of hours by learning from my mistake. I did not want to use the new Adobe CS Cloud, so I […]