Xenomorph model made from cicada remains... eew?

Cicada Alien

  Here’s something to potentially awestruck you or make you run for the bathroom. I found the above image on Google while actually looking for more information about a certain Godzilla model made from cicada shells. In fact, there are more angles of this xenomorph that was allegedly made from cicada remains. Here they are: […]

The affordability of time

Often when we talk about affordability, the subject of money comes into mind and discussion. We tend to place a value on money, and only money. This itself is a problem and a blindside.dddddd I have always thought that the idea about money being the root of evil being a flawed statement. Robert Kiyosaki goes […]

The Passage of Time

The faces of old, wrinkles and all that beset toothless grin While I have seen them as a child, these faces are now only in faded photographs, or in distant memories. The faces of those who had remembered the ancients, They too now have taken their place of wrinkles and toothless grin. The faces of […]

If I have it my way

If I have it my way, I would be up all night. Not toiling in labour that I can hardly believe in or stand for, but to relish in the serenity that only night can offer. The wife would have been satisfied, and the children would have been asleep. Climbing out of the covers and […]

The Prick

You see, I was really minding my own business. I do not stand in the middle of the road. I take my position naturally at the side, keeping out of the way of you folks walking by. You can’t say I am intruding into your space. Has it bothered you to think, as you hop […]

Like tears in rain

A scene that came to mind. The day will come when it is indeed time to die. Things that we have done may be remembered and passed down the generations while others we will take to the grave.

The Suicide Note

Goodbye. There is no hello because we have said hello for far too many times which meant almost nothing. Too many times we awake and when our eyes met, we both know that we resent each other more and more. What is it that I see piercing me with so much hatred from behind those […]