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I am tempted daily to post or publicly comment about foreign politics, but I consider it a personal responsibility to hold my tongue (or fingers in the case of social media) because 1) I am barely well versed enough in the country’s/countries’ politics, 2) I am not trained in foreign affairs, 3) it is especially sensitive to friends who are from the country/countries of discussion, 4) Not my country, so seriously, what position am I in to publicly criticize about that nation?

I am always looking forward to have respectful conversations personally with persons from the country (or who has been living there for a while) of discussion, because it is much easier in such settings to quickly clarify misconceptions (very often, I find myself needing to level up to them, and not the other way round), and bring all parties into a common level of understanding. Social media on the other hand is you putting up an incomplete context of a message according to your isolated point of view, which is always interpreted independently, uncontrolled, and incorrectly by some other persons. Perception is taken for truth, and things go downhill from there — over inaccurate information. When you think of it, isn’t it such a waste of time, and in exchange of heated arguments and potentially destroyed relationships?

Sure, if you publicly post or comment about your country’s politics, that is your right, because it is about your nation and there might be ideas and discussions that you are compelled to responsibly bring up to your fellow citizens. But you ought to also know that bringing the discussion to social media has its perils too.

So please, especially as grown up adults, logic and maturity should tell you that the odds of you incompetently and wrongly interpreting a foreign political affair is almost as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Even if you have little regard of your own reputation (yes, such actions do make you appear ignorant), do consider the unnecessary discourse that your insensitive and value-less remarks can cause. Have a sit down with a friend from that country instead, and learn a thing or two. He or she will not likely have a complete picture too, but you can almost correctly accept that your own conceived views and information are likely less complete than his or hers.

I think posting an article is fine, but when we comment and add captions, we have to be responsible for what we are inciting.

Banter all we want with family and close friends but keep that in that controlled and confined space. So that when you (and me) eventually realize our mistakes, it stays contained and not cause unnecessary hurt to others who do not deserve to be hurt by our sheer ignorance.