I read this comic from Toggl with affection. A little bit naive and incompletely explained though, but still a good attempt to debunk some misconceptions. We mainly don’t strike gold with our applications right away or if not, ever. But like every product, we build it because we believe that it is of good value. We will then be proven right or wrong from the response of the market. If what we are expecting is to rake in millions of dollars for whatever product we conceive without evidence to be surely what the market wants, we are not wise.

Well as Clint Eastwood once said (I think he said that), “If you want a guarantee, get a toaster.”

With this thought in mind, we then responsibly chart our path and work towards its mark. Failure or success, we can only find out eventually.

Everything is not for everyone. Like doing your own thing is not the best or right option for everybody, doing other people’s own thing is also not necessarily the best or right option for everybody. I think that our personal responsibility is to find out who we are, and where and how we are supposed to be contributing. Then like all things (whether we discover that we contribute best as employees or as entrepreneurs), we work our best in being what we know we are supposed to be.

From https://toggl.com/blog/misconceptions-tech/


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