Recently rewatched Dark City (1998) which starred Rufus Sewell, Kiefer SutherlandJennifer ConnellyWilliam Hurt, Richard O’Brien and the late Ian Richardson. I didn’t appreciate it when I saw it in the cinema back then in 1998. I think I was expecting another sci-fi flick of The Matrix, and was greeted instead with a noir-like sci-fi wannabe. I didn’t like the ending back, thinking that it was all one big joke.

But I appreciate the film now that I have seen it again. I like how it is only one seemingly unreliable person who is actually thinking clearly while everyone else are the ones who are lost. Only when even the hardest character in the film logically challenges the pariah’s point of view, and took an honest look at it, did he only accept the very difficult and ridiculous reality.

The film was brave to not succumb to the usual happy ending. You can’t say that the ending was hopeless, but you really can’t say that it was hopeful either. Okay, I shall not risk spoiling it for you if you intend to watch it for the first time some day.

Here is a good review that I came across and it was written only recently. It explains a lot more about what I also felt about the film: