UPDATE 19 OCTOBER 2019: So anyway I was proven wrong when the movie hit in August. Read this post only if you have nothing to do and would like to have something to laugh at me about… So Eric Voss has spoken. Can’t say I agree entirely with him. As of now, here are my theories with No 1 as the main meat:
  1. Far From Home takes place in a different timeline. Voss also observes that the people in the trailer who were dead in Infinity War not only appeared alive, but also seemingly unaffected emotionally from the events in Infinity War. Voss also confirms, according to official statements, Far From Home occurs *after* Infinity War and Endgame.

    So Spider-Man: Homecoming could also have been in a different timeline from Avengers. Remember that when fans pointed out the “8 Years Ago” flaw in Homecoming, the Joe Russo merely said that they made a mistake. His words, “It was a very incorrect 8 years”. What if he simply meant that it was incorrect to the Avengers timeline but not to the Homecoming timeline? I mean, if it was a real mistake, it must be a very scathing one because… Marvel… big budget film… must be very professional… can’t make such mistakes…. Note that in multi-verses, it may mean different timelines with very similar goings-on but having different eventual outcomes. Reference to Peter Park and Peter B Parker in Into The Spider-Verse. We might be looking at two different Peter Parkers: one who died and another who is still alive and in Europe.

    Someone commented in YouTube that he anticipates the movie beginning with the school bus scene in Infinity War, except that there is no Thanos space ship in the sky. I’d venture to suggest that there was that ship in the sky, except that Peter Parker did not get off the bus. Remember that he said in Infinity War just as the ship was closing its walls, “Should have stayed on the bus.” This might be a Sliding Doors moment (also having Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie) in which Peter Parker decided to stay on the bus for whatever reason.

    But what has Peter being on the bus than in Titan had anything to do with not being randomly picked for vaporization? Perhaps, it may reveal that Peter’s presence on Titan or in space had lead to the inevitable success of Thanos.

    To make things more interesting, here is a quote from Joe Russo about Infinity War, “Peter inserts his way into the story in a way that’s going to have a very tragic ending for him. He should have stayed on the bus.”

    And I think that this will be “undone” in Endgame, in which Peter Parker will this time choose to stay on the bus or is mde to stay on the bus, which will lead to another timeline/reality without Thanos’ succeeding. Note that Amy Pascal, Spider-Man producer of Sony, said in an interview that Far From Home happens *minutes* after the events in Endgame.

    So yes, perhaps that is why we not only see a very alive Peter Parker, but also a very alive Nick Fury. As for the female agent with Nick Fury, she really looks like Agent Maria Hill who is also supposedly dead, but I’ll talk about her later…

  2. The kid in the Iron Man mask in Iron Man 2 is *not* Peter Parker. It would have been nice though, but I don’t think that it is possible. Peter Parker was 15 years old in the events of Captain America: Civil War.

    The movie was set in the year 2012. Iron Man was set in the year 2008. If it was Peter Parker, the kid in the mask was 11 years old when he felt that he could take down the Hammer drone with his fake armor. Kids at 11 years old would have known that it was a bad idea, and besides, the kid looked way much younger. Tom Holland also clarified that he was incorrect when he once said that the kid was Peter Parker. Seems like Kevin Feige gave him a 20 minute earful regarding this matter.

  3. The fundraising scene in the trailer may not necessarily have happened before the trip to Europe. Trailers are often deliberately misleading and definitely do not have to be in chronological order.

  4. Mysterio is a hero wannabe who is actually a villain in order to get his vainglory. As explained in the video and references with the comics. But at some point in the film, he would probably attempt to make up for his misdeeds. There was a Spider-Man animated episode in which Mysterio realized his faults and went into hiding. It resulted in his daughter looking for him which had Spider-Man chasing her into some sort of Soul World where Mysterio was hiding and ashamed. And the actor is Jake Gyllenhaal. His face is too nice to remain a bad guy throughout the show (I’d love to see a cheeky easter egg reference to Donny Darko though). He will probably perish or vanish, and no he will not crossover to the Avengers stories but will remain as most parts in the comics, a Spider-Man villain.

    Also, same observation applies, the trailer does not have to be in the correct chronological order. The close up shot of Mysterio appearing and saying “You want to stay out of this one” and the part with him battling the water monster while having his fishbowl helmet on may not only be in the same scene.

    Mysterio is also *not* a mystic like Dr Strange. He is a practical magician, the Las Vegas kind. A master illusionist. Certainly more David Copperfield than Stephen Strange. Just picture The Wizard in Wizard of Oz. Yes, that is Mysterio.

  5. That is *not* Sandman in the trailer. The first time I watched it, I thought it was him. But I agree with Voss. The more I looked at the creature, it looked more like an *Earth* Man than a *Sand* Man. No idea what the creature really is and if it is new and not from the comics.

  6. Maria Hill seems to be in the trailer but we never saw a clear shot of her face. That is strange because Cobie Smulders is an established and famous actress, why would she not be featured in a movie trailer that would contribute to interests (as if Spider-Man and the other stellar casts can’t already do that)? I find that pretty odd.

    Cobie Smulders however is cast in the movie. One theory I have is that while it may be Maria Hill indeed, something in her appearance would be a dead giveaway about something that should not be revealed to us yet… whatever that is.

  7. And regarding the cats. Yes, I too agree that they are probably flerkens that people have been mistaking them to be cats. This will probably be revealed in Captain Marvel than in Far From Home.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that there will still be a lot of surprises! And as per my usual stats, I should be 99% wrong. But I think that I have a good chance of being correct that the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home because Peter Parker chose to stay on the bus this time… line.
Spider-Man: Far From Home hits the screens on 5 July 2019.